Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a day, I was so happy to have cooler weather to ride my bike this morning. The second day of Fall didn't disappoint. 65 degrees and a beautiful sunrise. I left in the dark with my little red light flashing as fast as it could so to give me some chance of not being run over. Happy to report that the red light was the victor. Back to the ride..

Got to spinning at 6:30 and was bummed to see all the traffic, I really don't think rush hour is ever over in this city. Tough conditions between the rough roads, pot holes, school buses and the soccer moms waiting for their Vicadin to kick in . Legs felt good on the bike and I was happy to be out in the cooler weather. I warmed up in the neighborhood and then decided that I would ride out by the Addison Airport.

I like the ride for the scenery and the difficulty. Addison Airport is known as the second busiest private airport in the world. Nice big jets headed to a beach or a meeting in some other state, cool stuff and a dream of mine for the future. Anyway, I don't yet have a hobby that deals with planes or 'copters so I will move on.

I really concentrated on not "burning" my legs and boy did it leave me with more juice for the pedals. My bud Chris says that "your legs should be like a blender" and it works like a charm.
This ride is a long slow climb which is killing my average speed, but it makes for a great workout.

The ride totals today: 8.7 miles with a 16 mph average
Tomorrows goals: 10 mile ride with a 17 average and now hills, please.