Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch Up

So, the past couple of days have been busy, with more fun activities! Saturday and Sunday the weather was great and I was busy at home working on things in the house.

Saturday bike ride was a good one. 10 miles of bumps in the road and no soreness. When I got home I played with the dog and then I jumped on my Harley for a short ride before lunch. My allergies where kickin though and riding a Harley and sneezing doesn't make for a good match.

Sunday was probably the best bike ride I have had since I started riding. I was able to go 12 miles and really wasn't tired. The mistake I made was that I forgot to bring my water bottle. Dang. My mouth felt like sandpaper. Remember 225 lbs. in spandex with no money makes it hard to get free water. So, I toughed it out and came on home. Speaking of me on a bike, I've decided that I look like a Clydesdale on my little seat.

Last night Al and I went to see the 'boys play. Not a lot to say except that I wish I lived in the stadium. I will cry, like a kid being dropped off at Kindergarten on the first day, if Allison ever loses her tickets. I will probably quit watching the Cowboys due to the chronic depression and nausea that will set in from the catastrophic loss.

Cowboys win. Thank goodness, the local media will have to find something have to discuss.

See ya.