Wednesday, December 30, 2009


No I haven't forgotten about you, I have just decided not to post anything. I've decided that I will do better by only posting short bits. I get too bogged down trying to think of more than a paragraph, and no one really reads this.

Todays Topic:
When did the back of vehicles become the new refrigerator door of our society?

Please see that you limit the amount of "flair" to two pieces.

Society isn't interested in your kids school, band instrument, name, age, how many kids you have, where you like to vacation, you family genealogy, your child's summer camp, honor roll status, boy scout troop, your favorite band, girl scout troop, what church you attend, the fact that you sell avon, Mary Kay, vitamins, your college alumni, the motorcycle you ride, what kind of air cleaner is in your car, your status at the shriner lodge, or that you would rather be flying or playing golf.